Sunetra Regular Eye Drops

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Sunetra Regular- eye drops: 10ml

A clear eye drop distilled from herbal infusions for daily eye protection and longevity.

Frequent travel, work on the computer, lack of sleep etc can weaken the eyes, cause dryness and make them prone to irritation. Sunetra Regular is a comprehensive eye protector and its regular use will safeguard the eyes.

Sunetra carries the same function and goodness of tears. Regular use of Sunetra along with eye exercises can provide longevity to the eyes. Created after extensive research and backed by meticulous clinical trials, Sunetra is a clear eye drop created at a pH value similar to the tears to promote daily usage. Administering Sunetra does not cause any pain or any other difficulty in the eyes. It soothes up the eyes, prevents infections and clears off dust particles in the eye.

Major ingredients: Jati (Royal Jasmine), Padmakam (Sappan Wood), Tulsi (Holy Basil Leaves), Madhu (Honey), Bhimseni Kapur (Borneol), Satapatri Jala (Rosewater)

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Indication: Dryness of eyes, allergic eye, itching, conjunctivitis, eye strain due to writing, reading, driving, mobile phone usage, dust & pollution.

Usage: For daily use two drops in each eye twice a day. In case of difficulties or minor bacterial infections, use 4 times a day. Use for clearing dust and particles in the eyes as required.


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