Sunetra Junior Eye Drops (10 ml)

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Sreedhareeyam Sunetra Junior Eye Drops (10 ml)

Sreedhareeyam Sunetra Junior is the perfect herbal sterile solution that can help revitalize every little one’s eyes. Whether your child is suffering from tired and strained eyes, itchy and painful eyes, or dry/watery eyes, these eye drops are the perfect solution!

Key Ingredients: 
Padmakam (Sappan Wood), Kathakabeeja (Clearing Nut), Daruharidra (Indian Barberry), Satapatri Jala (Rosewater), Bhimseni Kapur (Borneol), Haridra (Turmeric), Madhu (Honey)

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Benefits Of Sreedhareeyam Sunetra Junior

  • Sreedhareeyam Sunetra Junior is an approved eye drop solution for children’s delicate eyes, which can treat all sorts of tiredness, pain, itchiness, and soreness in the eyes.
  • The drops help keep the children’s eyes free from dust particles and any minor bacteria or germs that can easily enter the eye.
  • The drops keep the eyes wet, which may otherwise go dry due to exposure to the environment or harmful screens of digital gadgets.
  • The drops not only refresh the eyes, but also make their vision stronger and sharper.
  • The drops are made in a carefully controlled environment, using classical Ayurvedic methods, making use of carefully selected natural ingredients, thus proving to be safe for little delicate eyes.

How to Use

  • Break the seal of the cap by unscrewing and opening it, and then screw-in the cap tight again, to puncture the cap and create a hole. (Never use any other tool to punch a hole in the bottle!)
  • Generally, two drops in each eye of your child twice a day, every day, can bring the desired results. However, in case of difficulty or minor infections, you can even use it four times a day.
  • Immediately close the bottle’s cap after every use to avoid contact of the nozzle with surrounding germs and dust particles. Remember to keep the nozzle clean at all times. Do not touch it with your hand or any other material.

More About Product

Almost every child is so engrossed with digital devices today, may it be for study or play, that it has started affecting their tiny little eyes. Parents are always worried about their child’s continuous exposure to such harmful screens, which has made vision care a very critical part of every child’s routine.

With mild protective natural ingredients, these drops are perfectly designed to keep children’s delicate eyes safe. Their eyes can be kept free from harm, or deterioration caused by excessive viewing of television, computer, or smartphone screens. Using it every day can shrink away the dryness caused by such screens, while also making their vision stronger and sharper.

The natural herbs used to make these drops are not only safe, but also spontaneously refreshing. The highest quality natural herbs are used, which are exclusively selected to provide longevity to the eyes. These herbal ingredients are mixed into a decoction and processed to a distilled essence, making use of a classical Ayurvedic method. The pH value of this eye drop solution is then buffered to bring it to a value similar to the human tear, so that it replicates the functions of natural tears, and doesn’t burn the child’s delicate eyes.


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