Partharishtam(Arjunarishtam) 450ml

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Partharishtam(Arjunarishtam) 450ml

Arjunarishta is useful in the following conditions:
chest injury, weakness, feeling tired all the time, chronic respiratory diseases, cough, throat related diseases.It is extensively used as herbal cardiac tonic
it improves strength and helps to cleanse intestines.

Containing the famous heart tonic herb Arjuna, Parthadyarishta is prescribed in the Bhaishajya Ratnavali for heart and lung diseases, as a cardiac stimulant and for controlling blood pressure.


Arjuna tvak - Terminalia arjuna – Stem bark
Mrudvika – dry grapes – fruit
Madhuka – Madhuca indica – flower
Dhataki – Woodfodia fruticosa – Flower
Guda – jaggery

Usage: - 1-2 Tbsp. /15-30 ml. twice daily. Or as prescribed by the physician

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