Navahridaya Kalpa 60`s

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Navahridaya Kalpa 60`s

Navahridaya Kalpa Tablet is a blend of several dietary and herbal ingredients. It is an Ayurvedic formulation for the treatment of hypertension, high blood pressure and restlessness.

It is a unique herbal combination of herbs that act on the mind and heart. Its ingredients have antihypertensive, adaptogenic, cardio protective and neuroprotective effects.

It is also anti-stress and adaptogenic herbs, which helps to reduce stress and calms the mind.


  1. Can help in lowering elevated  blood pressure
  2. It can be helpful in the treatment of  hypertension
  3. Sarpagandha: reduces the elevated blood pressure
  4. Ashwagandha helps to strengthen the heart and stabilize the blood pressure at the normal range.

Ingredient: Ashwagandha & Sarpagandha

Usage 2 tablets daily or as directed by the ayurvedic doctor

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It has following healing properties.

  1. Antihypertensive
  2. Adaptogenic
  3. Cardio protective
  4. Anti-stress
  5. Soporific (Sleep inducing)
  6. Neuroprotective


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