Gram Flour Soap 25gms

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Sadguru Ayurveda Gram Flour Soap (25gm) 

Gram flour has been an age-old tried and tested ingredient used for its many benefits for the Indian skin. It is used in paste or pack form for babies and adults respectively, to take care of every skin issue like tanning, cleansing, exfoliating, skin toning, acne, and more.

Key Ingredients:
 Gram flour

Brand:Sadguru Ayurveda

Benefits Of Gram Flour Soap

  • The gram flour soap improves fairness and complexion by lighting the skin colour and removing tan.
  • The gram flour soap removes dead skin cells, thus rejuvenating the skin.
  • The gram flour soap cleanses and exfoliates the skin, making it look fresh and young.
  • The gram flour soap removes acne and excess oil from the skin.
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How to Use

The soap can be used just like any other regular soap we use for bathing. Wet the soap, and use it directly on your body and face, by working its lather for 15 seconds, and then washing it off. It’s as easy as that! But remember to keep your soap dry between uses, to be able to use it for longer.

More About Product

Which Indian does not know the benefits of gram flour (or more commonly known as besan) for the skin!?

Sadguru Ayurveda, keeping all the benefits of gram flour in place, has come up with an easier way to work with this magical ingredient amidst our busy schedules. We speak of the gram flour soap, which is made using gram flour as its main ingredient, in a very simple soap form, which can be used just like any other soap! This soap-form of gram flour is a much convenient form of application than a paste that can be too messy.

Healthy for the skin and safe to use, the gram flour soap has good cleansing properties, which improves fairness and complexion, while also protecting the skin. Further, its anti-microbial properties helps in removing dead skin cells, leading to skin rejuvenation.

It can be used on the face and body alike, just like while bathing with any other soap. It is suitable for all skin types, for both men and women of all ages. It is thus a simple daily skin health application, which can prove to be the easiest and most rewarding beauty care solution for men and women. Replace your regular soap with this soap to witness amazing results!


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