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Very useful in Mania, Burning sensation of the body, Sleeplessness and Loss of memory. Chandanadi Thailam is a natural coolant oil 

Chandanadi Thailam is used for the management of excessive heat all over the body, burning sensation in the eyes, sleeplessness, stress and anxiety. Relieves pain and burning sensation associated with inflammatory disorders and rheumatism.Chandanadi thailam can be used over the head and also the entire body. It helps calm down the irritated nerves and is beneficial in insomnia, headaches and mental diseases.

Chandanadi Thailam is a traditional recipe that combines the deeply cooling and Pitta pacifying effect of drugs like Chandana, Madhuka, Kushta, Ashwagnadha, Cow’s milk to name a few, in a satiating base of sesame oil. The fragrance of White Sandal is associated with coolness, calmness and earthiness. The state that this heartwood instills within the human body resonates very well with a grounded and peaceful state of being.

Chandanadi Thailam also contains drugs like Jatamansi and Nata which have a calming and rejuvenating application on the brain and central nervous system. It is extensively used as Moordhataila (application to head) application and Abhyanga (body massage) to manage physical and mental disorders arising from aggravated Pitta in the body.

Usage: External use only


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  • Aggravated Pitta in the body is characterised by excessive body heat and perspiration, burning sensation, acidity in the gut, signs of inflammation like pain and edema, mental stress and anxiety.
  • Applied to the head and body, Chandanadi Thailam pacifies deranged pitta in the entire system. The presence of Vatahara drugs like Devadruma and Kushta add to its efficacy in managing rheumatic inflammations accompanied by pain and burning sensation.
  • Excellent remedy for heat and burning sensation in the eyes. Eyes are the seat of ‘Alochaka’ Pitta, the element of Pitta responsible for keenness of vision. Chandanadi taila helps in keeping this branch of Pitta competent and balanced.
  • Jatamansi and Tagara are acclaimed for their potent adaptogenic properties. Along with the intense cooling of Chandan, Useeta, Valaka, Musta, Utpala etc. Chandanadi Thailam is the best remedy for mental conditions characterised by irritability, stress and anxiety.
  • Beneficial in managing sleeplessness. It cools and calms the body and mind on application, endowing the user with with good quality sleep.


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