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Ref: Sahasrayogam

Indication:  Useful in nervous & general debility, epilepsy, mania, memory loss.

Aswagandharishtam is a nervine tonic that helps in relieving fatigue. The synergistic action of ingredients in Aswagandharishtam makes it ideal in psychological diseases, neurological problems and sexual diseases. An excellent tonic that helps in improving fatigue and emaciation, Aswagandharishtam is beneficial in all Vata imbalance diseases.

Ingredients: Ashwagandha, Musali, Vacha, Rasna.

Dosage:15 to 30ml  twice daily or as directed by your physician. 

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  • Aswagandharishtam is beneficial in neurological diseases such as paralysis, facial palsy, epilepsy and vertigo
  • Aswagandharishtam helps improve libido, vigor and vitality in sexual dysfunctions
  • Intake of aswagandharishtam helps in improving tiredness and emaciation
  • Aswagandharishtam helps in relieving lack of alertness and other symptoms in depression and psychological diseases
  • Helps reduce inflammation and helps improve strength in lumbar spondylosis, cervical spondylosis, neck pain and low back pain
  • Aswagandharishtam helps improve loss of appetite and aids in relief of pain and inflammation in piles
  • Aswagandharishtam helps remove imbalance of vata dosha in the body


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