Vidaryadi Kashaya

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Vidaryadi Kashaya: 200ml

Vidaryadi kashaya is a classical combination of vata-pacifying drugs which directly impart nourishment and unctuousness to the body. It improves functionality of the gut, facilitates absorption and nourishment.

Kapha dosha’ in its balanced state promotes nourishment, growth and strength of the living body. 

‘Kashaya’ or herbal decoctions harness the healing properties of herbs and roots in a mild and easily absorbable water base.

Dosage: Adult: 15-20 ml mixed with 45-60 ml of boiled and cooled water, twice daily on an empty stomach. Child: 10-15 ml mixed with 30-45 ml of boiled and cooled water, twice daily on an empty stomach.  Suitable for all ages, in Physician recommended doses.


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